My Brother’s Wife Is Cheating On Him!

I don’t know what to do.

I am so confused. My brother’s wife is cheating on him. I know she is. They are both in their late 20s and been together for like 5 years, married. She has stepped out on him before. But my brother is so in love, so damn gullible over this woman. He would do anything and believe no one. Well, when she stepped out the first time, she did it with the wrong man. A bountified male-whore in our neighborhood. He told everybody that he sexed so-and-so wife. My brother’s wife! As soon as I heard, I told him and he didn’t believe me.

Fine, I didn’t have any proof, just dude talking about it. But if it wasn’t true why would he pick her? Anyway, she came back home to him just days after that saying that the man was a liar, yada, yada. My brother drank the Kool-Aid. I am so frustrated because they have 2 beautiful kids, and my brother is the best father and husband. So, a few weeks ago I saw her out again. This time, I caught her red handed at the club at 4 am with another man in the bathroom! I waited outside the stall, and she came stumbling out, and a few minutes later, he came out, too. But I can’t say if it’s from the same stall or not. But they were together all night at the club.

Should I tell my brother what I know? Should I tell him his wife is cheating on him all around the neighborhood? I don’t want to lose our bond or his respect. My family thinks I should mine my own, but that’s my brother!

Stressed out like a bad weave,



Dear Lourdes:

This is an easy one.

You need to mind your damn business. Your family is right, march on along and get your own titillating tales. It’s obvious your brother is spell bound by his love for this woman. Usually with people like this, they have to find out on their own. They will cut off family and friends little by little who keep bringing up what they need to do. If you value your relationship with your brother, let him live his life. You really don’t know what these two have negotiated as a married couple. And you shouldn’t because it’s none of your business. Your brother is grown, and it’s possible he already knows, or like I said, he is getting his back pay for something you have no idea about. This a married couple with children, and if they wanted to be separated or divorced they would. If this was your everyday advice columnist, based on your little innuendos they’d say TELL AND RING THE BELL!

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